Here's what some of Steve's Past Clients have had to say....

"Our Realtor?  No, Steve wasn't our Realtor!   Steve was our friend! He also happened to help us find our new home when we moved to Massachusetts. He was our friend then, and that certainly hasn't changed all through the years."

"Steve, we can't thank you enough for the difference you made in our lives. We know how much we owe to you for you time, patience and understanding, and look forward to having you as our friend"

"So you have to picture this!  Here we were looking at lot's on which to build our new home. Steve took the point and marched off into the woods to show us the lot lines.  Climbing over a tree limb, he sunk in a puddle of mud up to his knees.  You had to see it!!  So here he is literally stuck in the mud.  My wife and I pulled him out, leaving both of his shoes two feet down in the mud.  The guy never missed a beat, and continued showing us the remaining lots.   As we got back to the car, he took off what was left of his socks, and, now barefoot, proceeded to show us the two model homes under construction!  This is the third house we've bought from Steve, and you can see why.  Laziness is just not in this guys vocabulary!!  This is a guy you want working for you!!"

"When we first met you, we were skeptical. We had been out with so many Realtors and they all promised us the world. You found us the home of our dreams within the hour. My husbands still in shock!!"

So here I was lying in my Hospital bed the night my son Jeffrey was born.  My family went home around 8:00 that night, and in walk Steve, with four flavors of ice-cream and two spoons.  We ate ice cream and laughed for hours.  Sure, he sold me my home last year, but when was the last time your Realtor did that for you!"

"Front row seats for the Nutcracker ballet the week of Christmas.....
What else can we say Steve.  We had a ball.  Talk about making people feel welcome!"

"We would have been happy if we had gotten $285,000 for our home like all of the Realtors told us it was worth. You got us $315,000 within 2 weeks. We still can't believe all you accomplished, but we now understand why you're the best in town"

"Steve, thanks so much for the theater tickets you sent us. It was our pleasure to have sent our friends to you when they needed a home. What you don't realize Steve is that you don't have to thank US. We're still trying to find ways to Thank YOU for what you did for our family and how you changed our lives forever. We will never forget you!!"

"We have been in our new home for two weeks now and just refinanced it. The appraisal came in so much higher than what we paid, that the bank agreed to waive our PMI. That saved us over $100/month. When we first met you that day, you told us we could get 2400 s.f. of house for $215,000 and we didn't believe you. You were right and you came through for us again and again."

"Thanks for all of your help in getting the house closed last week. I still can't believe we saved over $7000 in commissions on that new program of yours. I have to admit I was confused at first as you explained how you were going to do it, but I'm sure not confused now!!!"

"Steve, we have been transferred 5 times in the last 8 years with my husbands company, and we have to tell you that we have never had an easier and more pleasant experience with a Realtor than we did with you. We hope you and your family can come over for dinner this weekend and look forward to you continuing to be a part of our lives."

"We finally are unpacked in the new home, and John and I just wanted to thank you again. It seems that every time we moved, our Realtor would show up with flowers or a fruit basket. You on the other hand went a bit overboard as you always do. Imagine our surprise at coming in after the closing to find that you had completely stocked the house with groceries. I'll tell you when you have four kids, 5 movers, and your in-laws all there at once, that box of toilet paper you left us means more than all the flowers in the world. We love you like family and can't wait to see you again!"

Needless to say Steve this note is long overdue. I am so grateful for your hard work in selling my house.  You were incredible! Just incredible! For years I worked two jobs and every overtime I could to keep up with the bills.  Now I work one job and have a life again!   Best wishes to you and your family..



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