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Here the two cuties relaxing in the backyard of grandma and grandpa's house!

Here's a picture of my two big boys.
My greatest joy and reason for living, they are shown picking pumpkins for Halloween 1997

Daniel, is 9 years old and he's totally into rockets, novels, insects, beast wars, and baseball.

Sam, is 3.5  years old and decided he wasn't ready to go to school quite yet. He's totally into, Thomas the Engine, Barney the Dinosaur, General Mayhem and Destruction, and torturing both his older and younger brothers simultaneously. Not an easy task.

Fortunately, they love each other very much, and do agree that they love pumpkins!!

Just a short year Later.... here they are pumpkin picking for 1998 pumpkins!

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Another Year goes by....but the Pumpkins never seem to change!  Here's the THREE boys in 1999!

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Another Millenium of Pumpkins begins!  Here's the crew in October 2000!



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Here's Sammy at the Baseball Day Parade checkin out the REMAX Beetle and Gatorade Hummer!



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