Pictures of my New Son

Jesse Taylor Levine

Born - 6/8/97 at 12:40 PM




To my sweet Jesse...

Life is a very precious gift...
Not one's own life, as much as the ability to give life to another.
May all who see him welcome this magnificent child into the world with gratitude for what is, and hope for what may be.
Thank you my sweet little son, for the wondeful gift you've given to me.
I will spend the rest of my days on earth grateful to you every day.


Your Dad


Wanna Feel Old..........??????

wpe22.jpg (17894 bytes)

I can hardly believe it's been TWO YEARS since
we were blessed by this little munchkin!  Here he is at two in
front of our Cherry Tree.  Judging from his behavior today, it's
probably just a matter of time before he grabs an axe
and chops it down!  But we love him more than life itself!




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