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by Steve Levine

Many people in the nation, about 5% of home sales, attempt to sell their home "By Owner." To help them through this confusing and sometimes intimidating process, I have prepared a few pages of useful information to act as a guide to help you complete the task as efficiently and safely as possible. I hope you will find this information will be helpful to you.

Why would a Realtor be trying to help Sellers to not use a Realtor? Simple, because I believe in sharing. I have found that the good will you spread around will often come back to you 10 fold throughout your career. Perhaps when your home sells, you will need the services of one of the Top Realtors in the country to find you a new home. Perhaps you will recommend me to your friends, neighbors and associates if they wish to utilize the services of a Realtor. Odds are, a lot of the people looking at your home who do not wish to buy your specific property. Perhaps they would like to be referred to a Realtor who can show them other homes. I would appreciate the referral opportunity to assist them.

And, perhaps you may even, at some point, decide to employ a Realtor. At that point, rather than list your home with any Tom, Dick or Harry Realtor who has the time to come door-knocking when you're selling "By Owner," perhaps you would already like to know that someone like myself, who sells more home in a year than 10 of your "average door-knocking, cold-calling" agents, will be here, looking forward to having the privilege of representing you and your home.  On average, up to 95% of Homeowners who attempt to sell "By Owner" wind up listing their home with an agent.  Should you get to that point, I hope you'll keep me in mind.

 When you have read these pages, I hope you will have gained some valuable tips to help you in selling your home. As I mentioned earlier, I know you probably want to save paying a real estate commission, and I hope you're successful, if that's what you wish. Another option, may be our "Homeowners Blend Program", which is a special program I designed  to enable homeowners to work towards selling their own home, without giving up the important benefits of having a Realtor working for them. It's a system very few Realtors will know about, and it works great for you . . . and for us. If you're interested in more details contact me, I would be delighted to discuss it with you.

P. S. You're probably going to get a lot of calls and letters, and perhaps even visits from real estate agents trying to "list" your home. Just say to those folks "if we decide to list our home, we're going to do it with Steve Levine at RE/MAX First Choice". That should prevent you from being bothered too much. Okay?

Before I go on, I may say a word of thanks to a colleague without whom these pages would have been much more difficult for me to put together. J.J. Johnston of Windermere Real Estate in Bellevue, Washington is an industry pioneer in assisting homeowners to sell their own homes. He was invaluable in providing graphics, layouts, commentary and ideas, any and all of this are reproduced here with his expressed consent. Any further reproduction by any other party without JJ's expressed written consent is a violation of his copyright, not to mention a not nice thing to do.

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