Steve's Life and Times - OK so it's not exactly a Mark Twain-like tale....


Steve currently resides in the lovely town of Shrewsbury Massachusetts, about 45 minutes West of Boston.  A native of New Jersey, Steve did his undergraduate and doctoral work at Rutgers University, graduating from Undergraduate in 1982 with a Double Major in Psychology and Microbiology.  He completed his Graduate degrees in Molecular Immunology and Tumor Virology in 1985.

Steve's Parents, Charles and Sandy Levine owned and operated a restaurant in East Brunswick, New Jersey.  Steve credits them with his strong sense of values and commitment.  As a small business owner, life was simple. You had a job to do and you did it!  If you woke up in the morning with a fever of 103 degrees, you got up off your butt and went to work! After all, somebody had to open the door.....

Steve brings this same sense of values to Real Estate, recalling the story of Feb 3rd, 1996, when just before the RE/MAX Awards banquet he went off to show one last house.  In the bitter cold, Steve slipped and fell at the new construction site, shattering his right arm.  It was 3:00AM before he finally returned home, and by 6:00AM, the morphine having worn off, Steve did what most real men would do - he cried like a baby from the pain!  At 8:30AM though, with the help of his family, Steve was loaded into a car and driven to his 9:00 Appointment.  Hey, life goes on!  He showed the home, wrote up and offer with his left hand, got it signed by the seller, and readmitted himself to the hospital.  Not necessarily bright, perhaps, but the clients were happy!

As an interesting side note, the owners of that home, Paul and Lisa were very impressed!  It enabled them to move to Chicago for that great new job with so much less stress.  Even better, last month, THEY MOVED BACK to Massachusetts!!  Guess what Realtor they called  ;o)

Steve's wife Jamie, a Connecticut native is an Oncology nurse at Children's Hospital in Boston.  Talk about your rough jobs!  She has devoted her career to caring for those in the most need and at a time when they require the absolute maximum in love and consideration.

Combine that with being a full time Mother of Three, and self-described "picker-upper" after a sloppy husband, and you've got someone destined to be a textbook case in sleep deprivation.  Her indomitable sense of spirit is an inspiration to all those around her, as evidence by the sight of her, 8 months pregnant, coaching her sons soccer team.

Then there's the in-laws!  Jamie's folks, Spencer and Ruby Schwartz live just around the corner from them.  Yeah I know what you're thinking...... but you couldn't be more wrong!  Steve has bestowed upon them the "Worlds Greatest In-Laws" award for excellence in "in-lawing," ... and though Steve has often been quoted as saying he would rather cut his tongue off with a cheese-slicer than go through another new construction real estate transaction with them, they are truly among the finest people on the planet.  Say what you will, but Steve lucked out on this one.  Between their constant help with the children, and their consistent moral support, they have truly been wonderful to have around.

Meet the kids!  Steve and Jamie are the proud parent of three wonderful boys.

Daniel, the oldest is 10 years old.  An absolute angel in every way, Daniel is not only a brilliant student but also the only person other than Mom that can come the baby down.  He is just the greatest big brother there is.   He's into basketball, baseball, football, and all the usual kid stuff.

Sam, is 5 years old.  To call him a bundle of energy would be an understatement!  He's right now heavily into Thomas the Tank Engine, creating general mayhem, and torturing his younger brother.   His favorite food of the month is Big Red Chewing Gum.

Jesse is now 2 years old.  If you've ever wondered just how long the human body can go without sleep, stop by our house for a week or two.  Overall, Jesse is pretty happy, as long as you're holding him each and every waking moment.


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