Steve Levine's Special Commission Plans Can Save You Thousands


Having the flexibility to be able to work WITH homeowners to try and get them happily moved in the most cost efficient way possible is critical.


As the Top agent in the area, I have been able to negotiate some very favorable pricing from the companies that provide me with the services, financing, and advertising I need in order to get your home successfully moved. Always feeling that the good you do for others comes back to you over and over again, I figured I'd pass some of this savings along to you in the form of reduced commission rates.

Don't confuse reduced commissions with "discount brokerage." They are very different. Discount brokerage means that you charge less money and provide less service in the hopes that your Seller may not need or want the full menu of services you could provide. Lower commissions means just that. The Top Agent in town is providing FULL SERVICE for less money without skimping on any of the items you would normally be entitled to. Is this silly, to be giving money away, not really. I just feel that the increased volume of business I do, not to mention the Good-Will it creates will make it all worthwhile.

 For a Free Brochure on some of the different programs available offering
commission plans as low as 3% Total, just send me off an E-Mail, and I'll drop a brochure in the mail right away. Send Steve an E-Mail

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