Probably the most difficult part of the sales process is showing your own home to a prospective purchaser. This is because most buyers don't want to offend you and therefore they may not share their concerns with you, and you may not be able to identify their objections.

In showing your property, or what I like to refer to as "demonstrating your home", the most important concept to remember is to speak in terms of benefits, not features. Instead of saying "here's the bathroom", say "this quiet bath is conveniently situated to both the family room and the living room. Did you also notice the tiled countertop on the vanity?" Again, these are statements and questions you can prepare in advance. Talk about the benefits of comfort, convenience, security, pride of ownership and energy efficiency. And don't forget to show the garage and any extra storage.

 There's a term I refer to as "demonstration stations". It's an area in each room where you stand and demonstrate the biggest benefit of that particular room or area. And end with a question such as "would that be important to you" or "is that what you had in mind?" Always ask the customer what is the most important part of the home for which they are looking. Nobody buys an entire home, only a certain part. So you don't have to sell a whole house . . . just the part they want or need. The rest they get for free.

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