"Staging your home" is a real estate concept which refers to organizing the physical characteristics of your property to show off its best advantages. The most important item to be considered as you prepare to stage can best be summed up by the following comment;

"The way that you LIVE in your house,
and the way you SELL your house are two different things"

What you need to prepare to do, is to basically turn your house into a museum - not necessarily a comfortably place to live. Now is the time that all those "normal" things change. The refrigerator is stripped of photos, finger painting and lunch menus, the Magazine rack next to the toilet disappears, 2 of the six dining room chairs go down in the basement and the leaf comes out of the table, the coffee table becomes home to nothing but Windex. Basically, the house becomes a showpiece.

You probably already know what needs to be done; however, I am available to take a quick tour of your home and give you a few ideas learned from my 12 years of residential real estate experience. I have prepared a seven page report on things to consider and review. If you would like a free copy, just contact me. I also have a videotape called "How to prepare your home for sale" which you are welcome to borrow if you promise to return it.

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