While we're on the "bad news", also be aware of speculators and bargain hunters who may try to take unfair advantage with insincere offers. Or offers that may include expensive terms, delayed closings, improperly prorating the insurance, escrow costs and property taxes. Remember, this kind of buyer has a lot of experience, and if you have not sold a lot of homes, it might make good sense to have your attorney review any documents or agreements before you sign anything. Also, everything must be in writing including the statement "there are no verbal representations or other agreements which modify or affect this agreement, unless set forth in writing and signed by Buyer and Seller".


If any problem arise during the time the property is under contract, deal with them fast. Have your attorney on hand to handle these issues. Also, make sure your attorney is reachable all the time. If you get a potential offer the Friday nite of Labor Day Weekend the deal could be long dead by the time you get your lawyer to review the offer. That's why good Realtors like myself are available 24 Hours a day - 7 days a week to handle those emergencies. Expect the same from your attorney since in a way they are almost acting as the Realtor.

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