Perhaps the most unpleasant aspect of homeselling for you is that the "for sale" sign may invite trouble. Real estate ads and signs shake out many lookers and curiosity seekers as well as thieves posing as buyers to look for valuables and prescription drugs to steal.

 You can reduce your risk by pre-qualifying callers to be as certain as possible they are legitimate. Always get their telephone number and then verify it. You can always call them back with "new" information, or check with directory assistance to see if their phone or name is listed. We know you'll have to give out your address, if they don't already know it, but don't forget to ask questions and qualify as much as you can. Also, when showing the home, always to ask the people to stay with you and don't let them separate unless someone can be with them. As Realtors, we also face this problem as well as the potential for violence, when holding a Sunday open house. Particularly because people tend to come all at one time, never one right after another. You may also want to write down license plate numbers just for future reference in the event of suspicious behavior or a suspected robbery.

Ask the police to keep an extra eye on the home if you aren't going to be around. Exercise common sense and good judgment. Just be aware.

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