When it comes time to write the contract, you may be familiar with the current law and perhaps you are going to use your attorney to draft your documents. The best advice I can offer is to always include acceptance dates for all the relevant particulars such as a contingency home sale, home inspection report, response time for any work required, lender qualification, appraisal, loan approval, and closing and occupancy dates. It's also a good idea to detail what happens in case the targeted dates are not met.

You need to follow-up on all the details. These things tend to get dragged out if you're not carefully, especially in Worcester County so be on top of things as much as possible.

Basically, you're property is off the market during this time period, so don't allow your agreement to become this protracted epic that goes on sequel after sequel. Just do your homework, be prepared, and get it done.

Oddly enough, I run into "for sale by owners" who don't even have a blank offer form handy. I don't know if they're being pessimistic or something but I guarantee that if you don't have a blank offer, odds are the buyer won't be carrying one around either. Be prepared. If you need a balnk form, you can usually pick one up at a local stationary store, or contact me and I'll drop one in the mail.

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