You'll probably want to do some advertising and marketing. The first and highest traffic generator is good signage. You'll need a large front yard sign, and you may want to consider some additional directional signage from the nearest major traffic artery. Sometimes, we ask other property owners if we can use their property for this kind of signage and usually they will say okay. In some cases I have even paid owners for the right to put a directional sign on their property. You can probably get your neighbors to agree without having too much trouble. I find, usually, they want to help.

The other important issue is advertising. The only real avenue for Homeowners to use is the local newspaper. Although our experience shows people usually don't purchase the home they first call on, as a For Sale By Owner you will probably get more ad calls than anything else. . Of course it's your job to qualify the caller and get them excited about seeing your home. Remember, when someone calls, your mission is to make an appointment for the caller to see the home. Do not try and sell your property over the phone. Give some information and ask a lot of questions. Again remember that your security and that of your family is paramount. Know who you're talking to. If they wont give you a name and number don't give them the address.

You may want to write down some questions to ask and keep them by the phone so you can be prepared.

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